Variyos Integration specialists have skills to work with clients in defining their enterprise level application architecture and design solutions that chalk out the roadmap to ensure all services, processes and information is available on time and where required in the organization.

Enterprises make huge investment in applications serving various functions of the company. Application development in most enterprises happens over time and spans various departments and function groups. Technical expertise is developed within enterprises in various tools, technologies and platforms. Multiple database and operating system platforms are adopted to best serve each application.Enterprises today thrive in heterogeneous environments. While today’s enterprises operate with multiple operating platforms, database systems and application development tools and technologies, integrating applications that work on each of this unique combination becomes a challenge. As long as each of the applications developed within an enterprise is isolated, true value can not be produced. It is here that Variyos has helped various companies in being able to integrate their applications so that cross function groups can derive utmost mileage from enterprise data collected in different departments. Variyos Integration Specialists can help by working with the various departments and groups in establishing an Enterprise application gateway that facilitates the integration of all the discrete applications, processes and databases. Our professionals have in-depth understanding of key middleware tools and integrations technologies to enable applications and processes to talk to each other and promote availability of information at the enterprise wide level.


Variyos e-commerce practice is comprised of e-commerce professionals with many years of experience in developing applications for medium as well as large scale enterprises. Our technology specialists are constantly involved in projects which require development of applications that work and work well under rigid conditions with strict performance requirements.

Variyos has experience working with Application servers like JBoss, IBM Websphere and Oracle Weblogic server on various operating platforms. In addition, our professionals are conscious of the various differences that exist on application servers as well as their implementation on various operating platforms. Ability to tune and maintain applications in production environment is a skill that comes with experience and our experts have demonstrable experience in this area.

Our e-commerce practice is comprised of the following types of professionals:

• e-commerce Architects
• Integrations Specialists
• e-commerce Developers
• e-commerce Testers

e-commerce Architects in Variyos are practitioners who have worked on some of the cutting edge applications in the industry. Knowledge of industry best practices and design patterns best suited to solve critical issues are a prerequisite to qualify under this group. This group in Variyos is most active in imparting training to the various engineers in the e-commerce track to enable them to gear up to the requirements of developing real time application. In addition, experts in this area proactively track improvement, changes and evolving standards with the industry leaders providing direction in this technology area.

Integration specialist in Variyos are the core group of professionals who work with e-commerce technologies primarily, but in addition have experience in working for the clients employing applications in heterogeneous environments. Variyos professionals typically undergo mandatory Sun Certification programs at various levels and ensure they keep abreast of the evolving standards in the industry.